Waste vs. Recyclable

Waste vs. Recyclable - Phoenix Oil TXPetroleum companies have to deal with a variety of unusable materials as a result of day to day processing and refining. Decommissioned marine vessels are often burdened with old wastewater and fuels that have been stagnant. Sometimes, contaminated fuels can be the result of a simple miscalculation. No matter the reason, the initial inclination is usually to figure out how to dispose of the material safely. However, a better option is to explore recycling the material through Phoenix Oil.

Phoenix has been taking unusable fuels and solvents from companies’ for decades. During its foundation years, Phoenix used a single oil collection truck to remove waste oil from local mechanics in Humble.

This oil was eventually repurposed instead of wasted, providing another hydrocarbon stream for consumers everywhere.

More than 30 years later, Phoenix has scaled its recycling operations up greatly, now able to handle thousands of barrels of surplus/distressed petroleum easily. Phoenix can manage this material, whether it needs to be removed from the bottom of a storage tank, from a train or truck, or from a decommissioned ship. During the removal process, Phoenix strictly adheres to all state and federal environmental regulations, so petroleum companies won’t have to worry about being in violation.

Phoenix makes the most efficient use of all surplus/distressed petroleum, oils and solvents, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Using its superior lab technology, Phoenix can precisely determine the composition of any hydrocarbon mixture, making thorough hydrocarbon recycling possible. It is usually less expensive to contract Phoenix to recycle precious hydrocarbon than to waste money and time on throwing them away.

For more than 30 years, Phoenix has proven that recycling hydrocarbon streams is the most effective solution for companies burdened with distressed or surplus fuels.

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