Phoenix Commitment To Safety And Environment

Commitment To Safety and Environment - Phoenix Oil TX

Phoenix’s commitment to its clients is only rivaled by its commitment to safety and environmentally friendly practices. Since Phoenix’s foundation in 1981,we have focused on the safe repurposing of a variety of hydrocarbon streams. To do this safely, Phoenix maintains an intensive training phase for all new hires and thoroughly screens every applicant before hiring them.

Prior to hiring, every applicant must submit to a thorough background check that includes review of any past safety infractions. By laying a foundation of safety during hiring, Phoenix ensures that only the most mindful professionals are brought on board. This background check also includes a review of an applicant’s criminal history and driving record. Drug and alcohol screenings are also part of the process, and every employee at Phoenix is expected to participate in regular drug and alcohol screenings to make sure they are in compliance with Phoenix’s stringent safety policy. Once hired, every employee receives protective equipment that keeps them safe at work. This includes steel toe boots, safety glasses, Nomex, respirators, hardhats, and Material Safety Data Sheets to reference any materials they will be working with.

Following hiring, every employee at Phoenix is expected to undergo a lengthy training period that walks the new employee through their expected duties. This continues until the employee is prepared to handle their duties without guidance, so no one at Phoenix is thrust into a situation without the proper knowledge beforehand.

All of these safety measures have helped Phoenix maintain a sterling safety record, with excellent EMR, TRIR and LTIR scores.

These are just a handful of the measures Phoenix uses to maintain a sterling safety record in the industry. With our attention to detail and strict adherence to OSHA and industry safety standards, our clients can trust that we will treat every job with the utmost care.