Humble, TX – Phoenix Oil TX Headquarters

Humble, TX - Phoenix Oil TX HeadquartersLocated just north of Houston, Phoenix’s Humble location serves as the headquarters for the company. Since 1981, Phoenix’s headquarters has been the foundation of the company, and the site of many of its most important technologies. The company’s command structure is also based here, so it can service any clients out of this location.

Before Phoenix expanded to become a well-known presence along the gulf Coast, it was a local business that helped Humble businesses deal with their wastes and surplus/distressed petroleum products. This main location has since grown rapidly, from a single oil collection truck to a sophisticated logistical network capable of responding to clients needs no matter what they are.

Though Phoenix has expanded steadily in the last few decades, Phoenix’s Humble headquarters is still a terminalling stronghold. With vast facilities for storage and material handling, it is not just the executive control center, it is a fully operational hydrocarbon handling facility. This location can also facilitate truck loading and unloading and is equipped to deal with a variety of cargo vehicles.

With an on-site lab, Phoenix can sample and test any materials that a client needs a solution for. Phoenix has many years of experience sampling heavy oils, hydrocarbons, or solvents, and can quickly determine the quality and value of any material a client has on hand. This information can be used to determine the best way to recycle and repurpose the material in accordance with current environmental regulations. Phoenix also maintains much of its top technologies out of its headquarters. Of particular note is its centrifuging capability. With this capability, Phoenix can quickly and cost effectively facilitate the separation of hard to break emulsions.

Though Phoenix’s reach has widened in its 33 years of doing business, Humble is still the company’s heart.

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