Brownsville, TX

Brownsville - Phoenix Oil TX LocationSince 1981, Phoenix Oil has expertly handled, recycled and repurposed a variety of fuels and petroleum products. Starting as a small, local business in the north Houston suburb of Humble, Texas, the company has since expanded its reach across Texas and beyond. Brownsville was one of the first areas Phoenix established itself outside of Humble, looking to create a convenient staging area for marine vessels and international traffic. With additional capabilities, this location allows the company to serve even more clients and at greater efficiency.

Brownsville, Texas is located near the southern tip of the state and sits on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. With its close proximity to Mexico, Phoenix can better serve petroleum companies moving traffic to and from the country. Handling materials moving in or out of Mexico can be difficult for petroleum companies to deal with, but Phoenix makes the process much easier to handle with its state of the art facilities and resources.

Phoenix’s Brownsville location is a sophisticated terminalling facility with ample liquid storage for its clients.  The facility is fully fenced and located inside the Port of Brownsville free trade zone and offers the added security provided by the port.  Onsite rail spurs allow Phoenix to facilitate rail-to-truck transfers in addition to truck-to-truck transfers for material coming into and out of Mexico.  With access to its sister company’s fleet of trucks, Phoenix can also offer a logistical advantage to any operations in south Texas.

Phoenix works closely with a series of shipbreakers out of Brownsville. Phoenix manages all the liquids removal from the decommissioned ships and recovers hydrocarbons and heavy fuels left on the ships. During the dismantling process, Phoenix adheres closely to all safety and environmental regulations, ensuring Texas’s waterways and coastline remain pristine. All recovered materials are strictly monitored and tested for quality control and handled accordingly with regards to all environmental regulations.

Phoenix’s expansion to south Texas represents a step up in scale and versatility for the company. From here, Phoenix can serve clients in a variety of ways.

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